Political Analysis Toolkit

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Chapter 1. Policy Analysis, Political Analysis, and the Toolkit
Chapter 2. Getting Started: Issues, Interests, Institutions, and Information
Chapter 3. Assessing the Lay of the Land: The Interest Group Matrix
Chapter 4.
Getting Organized and Taking Action: Seven Rules for Reformers
Chapter 5. Advanced Collective Action: Tipping, Political Competition, and Rent Seeking
Chapter 6. Changing Minds: Information Power and the Exposure/Impact Model
Chapter 7. Exploiting Information Power: Rules for Inside, Outside, and Grass-roots Lobbying
Chapter 8. Media Analysis: Getting the Message Out (Anticipating and Shaping the News)
Chapter 9. Getting Inside the Mind of a Congressman: The Accountability Matrix
Chapter 10. Gauging, Making, and Breaking Coalitions: The Coalition Analysis Worksheet
Chapter 11. Identifying & Exploiting Legislative Policy Windows: Pivotal Politics
Chapter 12. The Executive Option: Stacking, Meddling, Mobilizing, Leading, and Directing
Chapter 13. Navigating the Rule-Making Process: Pivotal Politics Again
Chapter 14. Managing Agency Performance: The Measurability Matrix
Chapter 15. Social Change Outside Government: Private Politics
Appendix 1: The Basics of American Politics
Appendix 2: What Does Government Do?
Appendix 3: How To Write a Policy Memo

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